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poCAMon :: Personal Continuous Air Monitor (CAM)

The poCAMon personal online continuous air monitor combines a very compact design with a high flow rate and long battery life. The unit measures long living aerosols as well as short living Radon daughters by alpha spectroscopy and beta counting. The instrument recognises if only natural Uranium aerosols have been collected and adjusts the related dose coefficients automatically. The continuous peak shape adaption results in an accurate natural background compensatione independent on filter exhaustion and particle size.

A bright alpha numeric display and the clear keypad allow the operation even under harsh conditions.

The integrated powerful charger recharges the unit within two hours.

There are sensor options for Carbone monoxide and combustible gases as needed in underground mines. Optical and acoustic alerts will warn the user immediately in case of dangerous situations. For first responders, an optional wireless interface (Net Monitors by ZigBee) allows the officer-in-charge to receive the data online from the action forces. The instrument can be ordered also with a GPS receiver.

Because the unit is based on our DACM platform, the whole functionality of that system is available for the user (communication paths, configuration of measurement cycles, configuration etc.).