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Radon protection in mining, tunneling and water treatment plants

Rooms that are not permanently ventilated might build up very high radon concentrations. Typical examples are the tunnel systems in old mining factories or high-level tanks in water works. They will be monitored in cyclic intervals for renovation and cleaning works.

In order to protect the personnel, temporary measures of ventilation will be performed. On the one hand, the personnel must be warned about high concentrations before entering locations in question or about failure of the ventilation, on the other hand a quick information will be required, if the threshold of harmlessness has been underrun so that the start of works will not be delayed unnecessarily.

The work conditions are often rough and characterized by high humidity and dust loading. Therefore, the instruments must be robust and handy.

Within the framework of a project of the Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz BfS (Federal Office for Radiation Protection), the DOSEman has been developed for such applications.

This instrument warrants a very fast response and damping time by the integrated alpha spectroscopy. The instrument is very small and extremely robust so that you can wear it on your body or use it on-site. An acoustical and optical warning signal will inform you on exceeding or underrunning of the threshold of harmlessness.