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RPM 2200 :: Radon & thoron progeny monitor

The RPM 2200 is a high-quality and modern radon progeny monitor.

The fine pored membrane filter of the newly developed sampling head is exchangeable with no need of any tool. The reinforced filter is used in combination with an automatically controlled rotary vane pump that guarantees a constant air flow through the filter. A sensor permanently measures the air pressure over the filter in order to recognize an exhausted or perforated filter instantly.

As detector we use a light-protected silicium detector with a sensitive area of 400 mm². In combination with the fine pored membran filter, an optimal spectral resolution to separate the individual radon decay products is attained.

The analysis is carrying out continuously, i.e. disposition of the decay products and determination of the activity of the collected decay products take place simultaneously. It issued the equilibrium equivalent concentration (EEC) and the potential alpha energy concentration (PAEC) each for radon and thoron decay products.

Because of the long radioactive half-life time of the thoron decay product 212Po, the activity on the filter is not used directly for determination of the thoron decay product concentration (response time of about 40 hours). To achive a reasonable time resolution (e.g. hourly variation) the 212Po decay rate will be differentiated.

The RPM 2200 disposes of a big touch-screen, showing the measured values. All measured data is stored on a 2 GB memory card and is accessible from a PC or laptop through a USB interface. Data transmission and device control can be done by mobile broadband modems, as well as via ZigBee adapter (short range wireless network).

A NaI detector to fix the local gamma dose is an optional feature of the device.

It is possible to equip the RPM 2200 with a gamma probe (NaI) to determine the dose rate or to detect radioactive sources. There are additional inputs and outputs for connecting additional sensors and actors. The data sheet shows some examples.

The software for the operation and configuration of the monitor is included. A transport case can be ordered as optional accessory.